• Original project token: ULOAN
  • Total offer: 1 billion ULOAN
  • Supporting network: ERC20
  • Total capital: 1000 ETH
  • Total tokens sold: 600 million ULOAN
Pre-sale price:
Round 1: not announced
Round 1: 0.0000005 ETH
Public sale price: 0.000001 ETH
If used Governance tokens
  • ULOAN holders are allowed to be members of the NFTuloan platform and are allowed to vote on important protocol decisions of the DAO community.
  • As a reward for protocol users (borrowing or lending)
  • If you make a loan in the form of ULOAN, you will receive a 50% discount on the transaction fee.
  • Pay interest on loans with ULOAN
The protocol's 2-gate mechanism creates supply and demand using ULOAN tokens. Crypto borrowers need ULOAN to pay interest and fees, while liquidity providers receive tokens as a reward.
The 1000ETH raised will provide 70% to the liquidity pool, to pay interest on deposits, buy and burn tokens, thus increasing the price of the token.
The remaining 30% is used for airdrops to the Opensea community of users with trading activity on 1ETH, and to provide liquidity to the ETH/ULOAN farming pair.
Last modified 11mo ago