Q1 2022
Round 1 for $ULOAN token (Sold out)
Launching flash loan NFTprotocol (Test net)
V1 Protocol - available for 20 collections
Audit Security
Q2 2022
Round 2 for $ULOAN token
Beta test (Main net - ethereum) for 100 private beta tester
Final Round : 3333 NFT = Access Pass + 30k $ULOAN token - Public launch 26/06
V2 Protocol - available for 100 collections
Q3 2022
Airdrop $ULOAN token to Opensea community
Open first Bank in the Metaverse (Decentraland & Sandbox)
Protocol live on Matic & BSC blockchain
New features & tools voted by DAO
V3 protocol - available for more than 1000 collections
Q4 2022
Plugin integration for NFT Marketplace, Alpha Pass
API & connection to NFT trading bots
Protocol live on Solana blockchain
V4 protocol
More to come...